I have focused on surf photography for over a decade now and still get a thrill from capturing moments that perhaps nobody else saw.  I cover national and international events for the organisations such as Surfing GB and UKPST as well as surf brands large and small.

Have a browse through a small selection of assorted events I’ve covered from the last few years.

One thought on “Surf

  1. Rob, Just wanted to leave a little note to say FANTASTIC photos bud!!!!

    My special favourite is Puff the magic dragon!!!! Totally encompasses the feeling of sitting out back with your thoughts to the skies. My close friend recently lost his father and finds solice in sitting out back thinking and this picture always reminds me of that special place we all go to think things through with people we may have lost or even ourselves. Great work mate!!
    Would love to purchase this image from you to get made up onto a roller blind for the kitchen. because living in Suffolk its not easy for me to pop to Saunton for a quick think.

    Keep em coming!!!!!

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